erin floyd

About Erin

Erin Floyd is a British-born fashion content specialist based in Paris. She has an international outlook on the fashion and luxury industry and a keen interest in creative branding, business and design.

Fluent in English, French and Japanese, Erin completed her studies at the University of Oxford, England, specialising in modern literature and the critical analysis of trends in contemporary art. In 2014, she moved to Paris to continue her work for international fashion publication Escapade as a contributing editor and editorial photographer, also leading communication and content management for a European film co-production association.

Since 2016, Erin has overseen English-language business news coverage at Fashion Network, managing a global team of journalists, editors and translators and leading the development of the English sections for the leading French fashion and luxury trade publication.

In addition to her work in journalism and communication, Erin is an award-winning filmmaker and fashion photographer whose publications include PhotoVogue Italia, Tatler, Screen and Bizarre, amongst others, while her experience in production includes editorial shoots for Harper’s Bazaar and Numéro magazine.

As a journalist and translator, Erin’s publications and clients include Vice, Dazed Media, the Financial Times, Hachette Livre (for Jane Birkin’s The Munkey Diaries), Fashion Network, Escapade, Trendhunter and others.

Erin’s areas of expertise include editorial management; creative brand management; photography & retouching; copywriting; translation and proofreading.



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